The Ohio Valley Harm Reduction Coalition (OVHRC) is a collabortive needle access program that is made up of counties in the northern panhandle of West Virginia and counties in Ohio.

The goals of this program is to reduce incidence of substance-related health and social harms, including transmission of blood-borne pathogens through
substance abuse. Promote and facilitate referrals to primary health care and mental health and substance use services. Reduce stigma and discrimination against people who use drugs. Ensure full and equitable reach of Harm Reduction services and education to all who use substances. Raise awareness about the risk of drug overdoses and associated fatalities and provide safe disposal of used needles.
The OVHRC seeks to provide exceptional care to every client/participant. We want to work together to ensure everyone recieves the clinical care, compassion and service that they need.
Use and distrubution of illicit drugs is strictly prohibited on any of the OVHRC properties.
                                                            PLease watch the below video to hear a story of how Harm Reduction SAVES!